Web Design

Our priority is to create a website that achieves your strategic goals, while at the same time communicating what makes you or your brand unique, special, and different. At Haus Of Adams this is very much a joint process. Here, is a little insight on how together we can help you achieve your goals.



A solid outline acts like a framework to support the buildout of the website itself. Summarizing your website in an outline not only refines their vision, it doubles as a convenient checklist to use while building.


The best way to keep a project on schedule is to collect assets at the beginning. The more organized we are, the easier it will be for us to work together. We will create a shared folder with subfolders that track your website page structure and content requirements (Dropbox and Google Drive are both great options). We can take this one step further by specifying resolution requirements for artwork and word counts for copy. 

We then. share the folder, talk you through it, and let you upload on their own time. If you are is missing assets, decide whether we have enough to move forward, and create a plan to develop or purchase the missing pieces.


Step 1 — Architecture setup

In this step HOA will frame out the website by adding, deleting, duplicating, or reordering pages to match the outline we’ve already developed, creating a solid information architecture for the website. When we’re done, the Pages panel will show every page for the website in the proper order relative to each other.

Step 3 — Layout and content

We’ve got the website’s architecture framed out and you've sign-off on the styling so it’s time to start laying out and adding finalized content to each page.

Step 2 — Styling

In this step HOA’ll create the look and feel of the site. Depending on your timeline and expectations, we might consider using dummy copy (e.g., lorem ipsum) and image placeholders. Keeping the content generic will maintain focus on the design elements, which are the “moving parts” at this point in the process.

Step 4 — Finishing touches

HOA built the architecture, styled it, and then populated it with assets and content. The next step is adding backend finishing touches to the website. Some of these finishing touches, such as connecting social accounts, will require your you input, so you may need to wait until the handoff. In any event, we will create a running punch-list of finishing touches the website will require before going live.

Websites built with the platform we find appropriate for your project.

50% due upon booking, 50% due upon completion.
Additional pages, collateral items & e-commerce store addition also available.